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Okay, not the most comprehensive guide, but you never know - it may help someone! Here's three superb bars, one pseudo-Scottish one, and some Tapas and late night (non club) beer tips.

Three superb bars

Bar Marsella - famous for Absinthe (but also good for a sit down chat with a beer), in a quiet pedestrian lane (C de St Pau) just behind Liceu Metro, right off the Ramblas

Bar Pastis - Tiny and very atmospheric French bar. Been there for years, and a favourite with French sailors. Right in the middle of the transvestite quarter! Near Drasanes metro at the foot of the Ramblas, in C de Sta Monica

The "Fairy Forest" (don't know the Spanish name) - Not a wind up! A great pub, themed like something out of Lord of the Rings. Rammed with thinking mans euro-totty. In a passage near the wax museum (Museu de Cera), again near Drasanes (other side of Ramblas from Pastis) in Ptge de Banca.

One pseudo-Scottish pub

The Clansmen - in keeping with almost all Scottish "theme" pubs, it's a bit tame and sterile, but they made a fuss over me when I wore my kilt there. It's near Jaune metro, in C. Vigatans.

Tapas & late night drinking

None of the above bars serve tapas, however there are dozens places off the Ramblas in Barri Gottic that do. Just be aware that some places in that area seem to attract jakies and more shifty types.

A top recommendation for seeing where the locals drink (and eat tapas) is the Gracia area (Fontana Metro or Gracia FGC stop) - there's a great tapas bar next to the FGC station, and Pl Soleil is surrounded by bars. Don't expect to see too many tourists in that neck of the woods, but it is very handy for a cab to/from the Nou Camp.

If you're looking for a late night pub in the centre, try the London Pub (I know, I know...) - it's down a bit from Liceu, but I was hammered when I was there so don't know the street. It's open until at least 5am, but we had no problems when walking back to the hotel through the L'Eixample backstreets (just try getting a cab after 4am!) in finding even more late night haunts.

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