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Remember - just 'cos Paul says it's the way it is doesn't mean you have to agree! Consider what's in and what's in the bin for the Fat Man before deciding how you stand on his opinions:
Likes Dislikes
Scrumpy Strongbow
Guinness Weak lager
Altbier Weissbier
Pubs with late opening hours Loud clubs
Cities, but with no people Crowds
The Baltics The Balearics
Arriving Departing
German rock music German techno music
Drinking Hangovers
En Suite bathrooms Formule 1 submarine toilets
Polish vodka Bols vodka
Local football games Local football games being sold out

After numerous requests from pals and strangers to recommend pubs, hotels, football grounds and so on, I've decided to pool all the information into a handy online repository here. Please bear in mind that I'm not trying to compete with any of the established sources of travel info - merely this is a collection of my own experiences, thoughts and suggestions.
All opinions are purely those of the author (Paul Allison) and are not the view of NATA.