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Fancy travelling the NATA way, or are you a NATA member who's simply forgotten what train/plane/boat you're catching (David?). Either way, this is where you can find the NATA travel plans for any upcoming matches. 




These are the remaining dates lined up in 2009 for confirmed and rumoured/unconfirmed games.

The dates are taken from the FIFA Co-ordinated International Calendar. Obviously, Scotland won't be playing on each and every date, and some of the Qualifier dates may be available for friendlies.

2009 Fixtures/Dates:

  • Wednesday 12th August 2009 - Norway v Scotland
  • Saturday 5th September 2009 - Scotland v Macedonia
  • Wednesday 9th September 2009 - Scotland v Netherlands
  • Saturday 10th October 2009 - Japan v Scotland
  • Wednesday 14th October 2009 - spare qualifying date
  • Saturday 14th November 2009 - play-off date
  • Wednesday 18th November 2009 - play-off date

Note: there is a rumour that Wednesday internationals may move to Tuesdays instead in the coming years.

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Confirmed Travel

Norway - Wed 12th August 2009

I believe in the old saying “if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all”. Having been to Oslo twice before for football (2003 and 2005), here are my thoughts on Norway:


With Oslo being one of the most depressing grey lumps of concrete I've ever visited, we're flying in and out just for the game, arriving Tuesday evening and departing on Thursday afternoon. In between, I'll be trying to avoid paying silly prices for beer (£7 for a Guinness, anyone?), although by some quirk of the international currency markets, sterling has yet to lose as much value against the NOK as it has against everything else (as at April 2009), so thankfully everything will be just as ridiculously over-priced as previous trips, instead of being even worse.

The game is almost guaranteed to be played in Oslo’s 25,000 capacity Ulleval Stadium. Allow a looooonnnnngggg time to get back after the game - that metro service doesn't like big crowds!

For anyone looking for inspiration, Helen and I caught the ferry to Copenhagen after the 2003 friendly and had a great time – there’s a spacious bar (at Danish prices, which will seem like a bargain on the Thursday!), a disco and other sundry distractions to keep you amused.

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Japan - Sat 10th October 2009

Irrespective of the questionable wisdom of taking the team on a 12,000 mile round-trip for a friendly, Helen's generous decision to use some of her redundancy pay-out to fund our trip means that we'll be making the trip. My own visit is very quick - boots on the ground in Tokyo for 73 hours, taking Finnair on a LHR-HEL-NRT route on the way out, leaving Wednesday, arriving Thursday and coming back HND-KIX-HEL-LHR on the way home on the Sunday. Bruce is out for a similar time, but taking the more direct route with BA.

Unlike the vast majority of the Tartan Army, who seem to be converging on the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Helen and I have plumped for the (relatively) more sedate surrounds of Yokohama itself for our own stay. Well, it is hosting a German beer festival whilst we're there...

The game will be played at the Yokohama World Cup Stadium, where Ally, Susan, Helen and myself witnessed a Japanese league cup game between Yokohama F Marinos and Urawa Red Diamonds the last time we were there in 2006 for the Kirin Cup. It's an absolutely massive stadium, with the stands a very long way from the pitch, but it's not really a "great" one.

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Planned Travel

Nothing planned - still waiting for games like Japan away (below) to be confirmed!

If we finish runners-up in our group when it finishes in September, and if we're not the worst-placed runner-up of the 9 groups (calculated once results against the sixth-placed team have been discounted) when everyone else stops playing in October, we will have a two-legged play-off in November to look forward to.




With the long-running Japan rumour belatedly confirmed in July, the only remaining gossip at present seems to centre around a trip to South Africa to help the hosts road-test a stadium, most likely in February or May 2010 in return for hosting a friendly at Pittodrie a couple of years ago.

A "Celtic Cup" is also supposed to be taking place in 2011, featuring ourselves, Wales and the two Irelands. Rumour has it the first competition will take place in Belfast. Hardly the most inspiring competition, but c'est la vie...

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