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Tartan Army Look-alikes

Ever stared at someone when away on tour and wondered where you knew them from?  For the first time ever in one place, NATA Online brings you the Tartan Army Look-alikes.  If there are any missing and you have photographic evidence, please send us the pictures (to Paul) with an explanation an we'll do our best to include them here.  Please also note the boring bit at the bottom (the disclaimer for this section).

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NATA's own Look-alikes Special Guests from the Tartan Army at Large
Ally Adam Tracey
Paul American Maria
Rich Wee Davie
The Wee Man Wrighty
Welsh Steve Kevin Donnelly

NATA's own Look-alikes


Dr Rowan Williams, the new Archbishop of Canterbury Ally, unshaven
(Thanks to DenHaagDavid)
Bryan Ally



David Brent Paul at work Will Fae Swindon enjoying a drink Paul



John Collins with his yacht Rich, by the pool Roberto Di Matteo Rich (looking smoooooth)
Hugh Grant Rich


Wee Man

Shane MacGowan Wee Man Wee Man (again) Duck Billed Platypus Wee Man


Welsh Steve (Steve Austen)

Steve Austen Steve Austins "Stone Cold" Steve Austins


Bagpuss (for Steff's benefit)

Garfield Bagpuss


A Moomin Troll Allan

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Special Guests from the Tartan Army at Large

Adam Tracey (Loony Alba)

Winnie The Pooh Adam "Alan" Tracey

American Maria

Suzi Quattro American Maria


Wee Davie (Milngavie Tartan Army)

Wee Burney Wee Davie

Wrighty (Wee Midges Tartan Army)

Gary McAllister Wrighty


Kevin Donnelly (Loony Alba)

Iain Duncan Smith Kevin in action at the LA AGM
If you know someone who has a look-alike, and you have photographic evidence, please e-mail Paul with the proof.

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Look-alikes Disclaimer

This page is intended purely for fun.  If you are featured in any of the photos (or they have been "borrowed" from your website) and you wish to have them removed, please email Paul.  



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We are keen to prevent anyone from making financial gain from our copyrighted images, or bringing the reputation of the Netley Abbey Tartan Army into disrepute (as we are more than capable of doing this ourselves).
If anyone does wish to use these images and would like express written consent to do so, please e-mail Paul Allison using this link.
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