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Photo Gallery: Netley Abbey 2

The Sights - The Abbey and The Castle

The Abbey ruins themselves The Abbey ruins, on the edge of the village. Henry VIII's pad The Castle from the beach - this was originally built as a fort by Henry VIII, who used the stones from the the abbey over the road (as the porky monarch was also responsible for it's dissolution as part of the reformation).
"Oi, get orf my laaarnd" Netley Castle, now turned into luxury flats and very private land.

The Sights - The Vicky Park

The Chapel from the north... The centrepiece of the old hospital - all that remains after the 1966 fire is the chapel, which now houses a museum. ...and from the south The "crypt" door, scene of a teenage misdemeanour (click here for the story) is on this side, just to the right of the main steps.
The War Cemetery The War Cemetery in the Royal Victoria Country Park. Posh people live here Luxury flats inside the park gates.
The Tea Rooms The Vicky Park tea rooms - very expensive ice lollies. The legendary Ossie Wall The legendary Ossie Wall - if you do go swimming, try not to catch any Woolston trout.

Eat, Drink, Sleep

The Victoria Park hotel The Victoria Park hotel, Netley's only remaining overnight stop - click here for their website. The Old Mill House The Old Mill House pub - a big, unwelcoming barn of pub.
A little bit of Rimini ambience Castino's Italian restuarant - Rich likes it.

Check out their website, including directions and a menu, here

The Prince Consort The Prince Consort, a "yachtie"-type pub on the road to the Vicky Park - just the place for a white wine spritzer, darling.
The Cottage Inn The Cottage Inn - highly recommended real pub, with an active website. The Roll Call The Roll Call - good for dominoes.  "The place to take a bird if you don't want your mates to see you".
The Station Pub The Station Pub - next to the station.  Big and formulaic with cheap food. The Royal British Legion The Royal British Legion, near the station.  Ex and current servicemen's club.
The Victoria Club The Victoria Club, another CIU joint on the main road. Are you affiliated? Netley Central Club - CIU members only.  Never been in it.


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