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Tartan Army Look-alikes 2

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Ever stared at someone when away on tour and wondered where you knew them from?  For the first time ever in one place, NATA Online brings you the Tartan Army Look-alikes.  If there are any missing and you have photographic evidence, please send us the pictures (to Paul) with an explanation an we'll do our best to include them here.  Please also note the boring bit at the bottom (the disclaimer for this section).

Wee Davie (part 2) Tam Coyle
Kevin Donnelly (part 2)
Machar Smith Robert Smith
Ewan Gitsham Helen
Ali Martin Den Haag David
Susan Maciver Ally & Bryan (part 2)
PK Prendy
Andy Pollard Diggie Don

Tartan Army Lookalikes, Part 2

Wee Davie (Milngavie Tartan Army)

Wayne Rooney Wee Davie

Tam Coyle (WESTA)

A childish cartoon character Muttley (Dick Dastardly's sidekick)


Kevin Donnelly (Loony Alba)

An evil dictator Slobodan Milosevic A bald old man with a cigar A bald old man with a cigar


Machar Smith (Loony Alba)

A camp comedian Benny Hill

Robert Smith (Loony Alba)

Robert Smith Jim Baxter Robert Smith


Ewan Gitsham (Loony Alba)

Ewan Harry and Ben

Helen (Loony Alba & NATA)

Winston Churchill Helen


Ali Martin (Loony Alba)

Noddy Holder The Huggy Bear A huggy bear Ali Martin


Den Haag David

A bondage gimp Den Haag David Santa's little helper Den Haag David A gorilla in the wild DHD in the pub


Susan Maciver (NATA & NOSTA)

Claudio Canigga Susan Olive Oyl

Ally & Bryan (NOSTA/NATA & ETA)

Like three peas in a pod, Ally, Bryan and Clone #3, Dominik Diamond


PK (from the TAMB)

PK Shane from Westlife

Prendy (Loony Alba)

Berti Vogts Prendy


Andy Pollard (ETA)

Steven Gerrard Andy Pollard

Diggie Don (Loony Alba)

Penfold Diggie Don


EVEN MORE TO COME SOON... If you know someone who has a look-alike, and you have photographic evidence, please e-mail Paul with the proof.

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Look-alikes Disclaimer

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