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Photo Gallery: Hong Kong 1

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It's a sign... First sight in Hong Kong - two fond memories on a subway wall Midnight at the oasis Davie Alexander, Britney and Ross Miller of ANZTA in Delaney's.
Just don't tread on his blue suede shoes! Melvis (the Chinese Elvis, obviously) Ian and Paul Paul and Ian Gillan in Delaney's


Leaving old things lying about Hong Kong City Hall, in front of the ultra-modern buildings of Central The great Chico The Caledonia Bar - an oasis of calm and sensibly priced beer - seen here with Chic Young out the front
A good pub In Caledonia's back room A thorn between two roses Scott with Helen and Susan
John hiding in the beer pumps "Across a crowded bar" - Sheffield John Mark, before the "incident" Susan and Australian Mark
Australia & New Zealand Tartan Army ANZTA with their flag Magpies on tour Craig with his
The stadium concourse The curves of Hong Kong Stadium Hong Kong Stadium The far end of the ground
Hong Kong Stadium Not one, but two scoreboards Hong Kong Stadium South Africa prepare to take the lead
Shhh... he's trying to get some sleep It's all been a bit much - the stadium wasn't air-conditioned, and we were all feeling the heat... Hong Kong Stadium The view from behind the goal
Resting after the night before ... and of course, Ewan hadn't slept too well the night before... Curly Helen Helen goes curly
Hong Kong Stadium "Arty" shot of the stadium and Happy Valley's tower blocks Hong Kong Stadium The other direction
The crowd Ali Bev, Jim Stanton and Darren - all showing a little too much thigh A few more The crowd
Hong Kong Stadium The "home" end Hong Kong Stadium Gratuitous ground-hopper shot!
IMG_0062.jpg (69792 bytes) Turkey and Hing Kong line up for the anthems IMG_0063.jpg (89836 bytes) Turkey score from the spot
Arty Cityscape This kind of summed it up (like many of the photos on this page, this is one of Ally's) Back in the Caledonia A crowd in the Caledonia front bar
All this excitement... Tired, and quite possibly, emotional...


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