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Photo Gallery: Iceland 1, October 2002

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Thursday 10th October 2002
"the wheels on the bus go round and round" On the bus in from the airport, being blasted by Atlantic gales Me? Drunk? In Reyjavik?  On my stag party? With my reputation? Bryan getting to grips with Icelandic culture
Lovely pups, can I stroke them? Helen sporting her "Lovely Pups" t-shirt in Unkle Tom's Kabin. What a charming man Coyle, as repulsive as ever
Ally, Sue and a big hairy man Ally and Sue with Scott Patterson from Canada Dicky Bell, Iain Beat and friend Iain Beat, the winner of the Reykjavik "Dicky Bell-a-like" competition and a pal in the bar at the Radisson hotel.
"take it all" Marge administers Craig's anal probe, Nelly's Jaggy?  No, blunted Ally & Sue's pal "Jaggy Bunnett", all TAMBed out!
The Dream Team Rich and David D in the Celtic Cross Lovely pan Rich showing his unique toilet arrangements - I'm in his room, he's in his corridor, and the toliet is in the bathroom.
Friday 11th October 2002
The stadium, from afar The Laugardalsvollur stadium on the Friday morning (on the way to get the KSI tickets) boatspotting Ally turns the trip to Hafnarfjordur into a busman's holiday.
He wasn't in... Alan's retirement plan... ...even though his car was outside! ... and his shiny white car.
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen The Robin Hood pizzeria in Hafnarfjordur, just round the corner from the ground
The queue at the gate The plush entrance to the ground that the U-21 game was being played at.  Oops, wrong end The view across to the main stand, where we should have been
The new away kit, in the flesh The teams lining up for the anthems Hello Mum The cushy UEFA-approved media facilities on offer. 
Singing in the rain Incidentally, Jim Bett's sons both play for FH, the team that owns this ground. "Go away, you skirted freak" A wee Icelandic fan sheltering from the rain in the concourse.
The memory lives on The memory of Clydebank lives on, in the form of a pennant on the concourse wall Craig tasting the tension Back in town, and Ally and Craig discuss the finer points of the TAMB
Over-inflated, just like the balloon Kellas shows he has plenty of practice - he's been blowing his own trumpet for years! But Craig just can't get it up That's just the colour of the balloon reflecting in Craig's cheeks!



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