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Photo Gallery: Korea 1, May 2002

Korea 1 - Korea 2

Sunday 12th - Tuesday 14th (Seoul)
Paul and his swollen apendage Paul's ankle on the Sunday, just 20 minutes after he fell off the garden path. Just look at that girth From another ankle
Black and yellow, with THAT wallpaper? The offending limb after a trans-continental flight and 18 hours strapped in a DVT sock A shapely ankle? Note the tasteful Seoul hotel wallpaper
First night in Seoul The Bigak Pavilion in Gwanghwamum. Our first experience of Korean bevvy The first Korean pub we were in...
Ride 'em ... and the second. Blending in Paul in Gwanghwamum, laughing in the face of jet lag and suspected deep vein thrombosis
Wednesday 15th - Friday 17th May 2002 (Busan)
Downtown Gotham City The street with the Batman bar, Busan A typical urban street scene A street scene from downtown Busan
Is that bleached or beached hair? Paul on the seafront at Haeundae, Busan's beach resort Steak, Ganga or dog?

A line-up of restaurants in Haeundae, including the Michelin 3-star Dog Academy (the top sign)

By the seaside Helen on the seafront Back in the city The streets around the Pusan National University area
Popcorn and beer Paul, with beer, in a PNU coffee house Swan and Helen Helen and Swan on the road to the stadium
That must be some jelly they're making The meringue at the end of the rainbow Arty?  Or just crap? Paul shows off Helen's artworl
Posing for photos with the locals Paul's t-shirt continues to get national exposure Paul and Swan Paul and Swan outside the turnstiles
The pipe band couldn't make it The wee people in yellow line up before the game. The teams line up The teams lining up for the anthems
A big flag The Korean fans flagging Hi ho, hi ho... The gnomes leaving
The far end The red army during the game The party atmosphere More flag action
Balloons down the front Paul's been handing out the balloons again 4-1 to Korea The scoreboard says it all
Helen: "No, you can't take her home" Paul and Andy (aka Rampant Lion) after the game with some happy Koreans
A real hotel Paul outside the hotel on the Friday morning. Our room was round the other side Yes, it really it is a hotel, and ye, we really did stay there
In the hotel car park


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