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Unfortunately NATA is not able to provide a message board on this site at this time due to the company that was providing it going bust.  It is possible that we may be able to provide another one if the demand is there - please e-mail me at with comments.

In the meantime, a very large and active Tartan Army Message Board exists at Ezzy's Scotland Pages, and you can go direct to this message board by clicking here.

The messages that were posted to this site's original message board, complete with original spelling mistakes, can be viewed below.

The contents of the old message board (active 7th February 2001 - 20th March 2001):

Where's Dean American Dave 19/3/01 6.10pm
Update to this site Paul (The Fat Man) 12/3/01 9.25pm
Posh Song Ally Macabre 23/2/01 9.44am
re: Posh Song Ally Macabre 23/2/01 9.52am
re: Posh Song Ally Macabre 23/2/01 3.06pm
Time to get a life! Ally Macabre 26/2/01 1.32pm
re: Posh Song The GP 10/3/01 9.54am
Gary, should have placed it, McAllister Alasdair Reid 21/2/01 10.00am
re: Gary, should have placed it, McAllister The Fat Man 21/2/01 10.47pm
re: Gary, should have placed it, McAllister Chris Norton 22/2/01 1.20am
re: Gary, should have placed it, McAllister Peter Risk 22/2/01 2.19pm
re: Gary, should have placed it, McAllister Gary Young 8/3/01 11.15am
Surprisingly Good JABSTER 20/2/01 6.40pm
Welcome to the NATA forum The Fat Man 7/2/01 11.35pm
re: Welcome to the NATA forum Josie Forman 13/2/01 6.40pm


Where's Dean?

On 03-19-2001 10:10 am
American Dave( posted:

And there aren't enough pictures of the pissed up old fool known as "the wee man".

I'm spreading the word on this side of the pond about the site while relaying many of the stories about the boys.

Although the picture of me and the Iranians kind of hurt any chance I had in joining the CIA.

All the best.

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Update to this site

On 03-12-2001 01:25 pm
Paul (The Fat Man)( posted:

I know I'd set a wee bit of a precedent with updating this site weekly, but after a weekend on the beer it will be this coming weekend before this site is updated again.
Please do pop back to check out the Latvia and San Marino write-ups, along with a San Marino photo gallery, and maybe (just maybe) a guide to the watering holes of Netley Abbey.
Paul (aka The Fat Man)

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Posh Song

On 02-23-2001 01:44 am
ally macabre( posted:

New Verse For You To Enjoy.

Oh Posh Spice is a slapper
She rubs her nipples raw
And when breast feeding Brooklyn
She dreams of Denis Law

[Sorry Posh, no offence an all that...]

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re: Posh Song

On 02-23-2001 01:52 am
ally macabre( posted:

And another one

Oh Posh Spice is a slapper
That likes to go out dancin'
And when she does that pole routine
She dreams of Alan Hanson


Oh Posh Spice is a slapper
Her minge is soft as fluff
But hubby David Beckham's dick
Has hair like Alan Rough

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re: Posh Song

On 02-23-2001 07:06 am
ally macabre( posted:

For the U21s...

Oh Posh Spice is a slapper
She keeps her hubbie guessin'
And when he's playing football
She's shagging Ryan Esson

Oh Posh Spice is a slapper
She likes her man well-hung
So Beckhams willie winkie
Makes her dream of Derek Young

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Time to get a life

On 02-26-2001 05:32 am
ally macabre( posted:

Oh Posh Spice likes to dress up
Like a Traffic Warden
She writes out tickets for hand-ball
Unless your names Joe Jordan

Oh Posh Spice is a slapper
She has lips like a camel
She combs her minge from left to right
To honour Archie Gemmill

Oh Posh Spice is a slapper
She takes it up the pooper
She does fantastic tricks with balls
Like Super Davie Cooper

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re: Posh Song

On 03-10-2001 01:54 am
The GP() posted:

Cracking website boys. May i add a couple of verses to your song although not strictly Scotland players, they do ply their trade here...sort of.

Posh spice is a slapper
She's got a smelly trench
And when she's shagging Beckham
She thinks of Hamish French

Posh spice is a slapper
She sucks a lot of rod
And when she's sucking Beckham
She thinks of Andy Tod

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Gary, should have placed it, McAllister

On 02-21-2001 02:00 am
Alasdair Reid( posted:

Paul wants something controversial on his message board, I could tell a controversial story that involves Pauls mate, milk bottles and personal satisfaction. On second thoughts I'll leave that till another time.

According to the quality press (Sun) in Scotland this morning, it was in fact members of the Tartan Army that have encouraged Craigie Broon to consider the recall of Macca. This seems ironic when it was indeed members of the Tartan Army who forced him out of the International sceane.

Although I understand many arguments for the inclusion of McAllister I dont believe that we should recall him. In Croitia our Midfield perform very well and that was without Ferguson and Lambert who are both considerably better than McAllister. If we brought back 36 year old Macca it may be seen as a snub to the younger midfield players such as Colin Cameron,Craig Burley,Gary Holt(dodgy) and Gary Naysmith who rarely let Scotland down. Finally he is currently playing in a good Liverpool team where his job is surley made easy with the quality players that are around him. Stick him in Midfield for the Jags then we'll see how good he is, all right bad example but you know what I mean.

I have put this message up to try and provoke some responses and thus increase the message board hits as Paul seems to be concerned at the current lack of responses. I do not plan to reguarly bore you with team selection matters as by the time we are at the ground to watch Scotland, Ronnie Corbett and Lulu could be playing up front and we wouldn't realise.

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re: Gary, should have placed it, McAllister

On 02-21-2001 02:47 pm
The Fat Man ( posted:

I agree that the way forward is with the Camerons and the Naysmiths, but I feel that McAllister is being unfairly slated by too many people right now.

His career is obviously undergoing a renaissance, and I feel that an experienced and level-headed player like him may prove to benefit us immensely, maybe not right away, but the cautious, calculated approach might suit us come the Belgium away trip.

I also feel Johnny Collins retired early through fear of a similar send-off.

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re: Gary, should have placed it, McAllister

On 02-21-2001 05:20 pm
Chris Norton ( posted:

The point about Lulu & Ronnie Corbett playing & we wouldn't know it isn't strictly true. Did Lulu no' play a blinder against the Aussies? I thought Corbett was disappointing but when his wee sister Olga came on, the performance came on leaps & bounds.....

Macca on the bench - if he's lucky. No need to change the midfield at the moment. Only if he's changing the formation, or something. Macca shouldn't be near the first XI for Belgium.

And if he played for the Jags, you'd send him on a free to the Bankies within a month, only to buy him back for a nominal fee a year later....

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re: Gary, should have placed it, McAllister

On 02-22-2001 06:19 am
Peter Risk( posted:

It surprises me that Alasdair is against McAllister's return as I thought it would give him heart to see a guy with less hair than he has. Seriously though, the survey asking about McAllister's potential return sound like pish the Sun have made up on a slow news day, I certainly don't know of anyone who wants the overrated tube back. The fact is that McAllister had been playing pish for Scotland over quite a few years before the infamous Czech game and even Scotland are not desperate enough to beg a 36 year old to come back.

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re: Gary, should have placed it, McAllister

On 03-08-2001 03:15 am
Gary Young( posted:

At least we had somebody to shout abuse at when Macca played, I enjoyed sitting next to Mr Stato Risk and the great Bald Mr Reid and hearing the pleasant language been directed at the great Macca. His day has been and well and truely gone!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets move on, we have younger players who deserve the chance on the international stage.

Just think if Macca was given a start against the Belgians, we would have a pretty good excuse before we even started, may be thats what Brown has in mind!

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Surprisingly good

On 02-20-2001 10:40 am
JABSTER( posted:

When my boss advised us all that he was going to buy a computer and start a website there was a horrified silence about the team.

Oh no! It couldnt be as bad as the crap jokes he tells could it?........or as strange as his girly eating habits?

But having visited the site on a number of occassions I can report that for a Scotsman he's not done bad, this website has become a regular talking point in the team (when were not hard at work of course!!) and Im quite impressed by his determination to succeed (All Scotsmen had better look 'Succeed' up in the dictionary, its near 'Succumb', a word that might be more familiar!!)

Anyway were was I......oh yes, well done to the chap


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Welcome to the NATA forum

On 02-07-2001 03:35 pm
Netley Fat Man( posted:

Welcome to the Netley Abbey Tartan Army Message Forum.

The web-site was only created in January 2001, and a lot of improvements and enhancements to the site are already planned.

Please give me as much feedback (both good and bad) so I can judge how its going.

The Fat Man

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re: Welcome to the NATA forum

On 02-13-2001 10:40 am
Josie Forman( posted:

Hi there..Hows things going? Web site is of very high standard..Mucho impressed!! Can't wait to see your photos on line, especially the ones from Latvia which I can vaguely remember you taking..I think there will be some good ones??!!Regards to Helen, Bagpuss and all the rest.
Will be in touch soon..Scott says 'see you in Poland!'.


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