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Photo Gallery: Norway (& Denmark), August 2003
Gallery 1

Gallery 1 (Tuesday) - Gallery 2 (Weds & Thurs in Oslo) - Gallery 3 (the Big Boat and Copenhagen on Friday) - Gallery 4 (Sat & Sun in Copenhagen)

Tuesday 19th August: Warming-up at Heathrow
Euan, modelling the LA rainjacket Ewan - drowning, not soaking Look! Over there! Paul, in typical "male model" (i.e C&A) pose, fills out the jacket a bit more.
Move along sir, move along Security arrived promptly on the scene The view from the posh seats Club Class Chuckle Brothers
Tuesday 19th August: Tam's birthday party at Paris, Texas
Helen and Jim Helen and Tartan Army Executive Club Platinum Member Jim Brown A fat man, a bald man and a Hawaiian shirt Paul and Kevin, in various forms of fancy dress
Man in tights Kevin, uncharacteristically sporting a kilt, and by the looks of it, a pair of 30 denier tights Ally & Sue Ally & Susan at Tam's bash
Davie Davie Alexander, grinning like a loon
Eyes wide shut Freda: "Just shut your eyes and put it in your mouth" Suck it up, Fat Man Paul, swallowing
Gratuitous bat wing shot Mussel porn (see right for close up) Fishy Salty and slimy, apparently
Jerry!  Jerry! Jerry Springer jetted in for Tam's birthday "I think we're alone now" Freda and Donnelly
The crowd at the do The scene at Paris Texas A vision in beige Helen, an oasis of calm in a desert of £5 pints
Maurice & Tom Mo fae Fo and Big Tom Small Airport pick-up? Davie Macdonald and a Norwegian fox
Two pints? Clarkson extends the warm hand of friendship Voice of an angel Maggie, the singer
Tuesday 19th August: Out into the night: Bohemen & So What
It was there when I last checked We've all been there! Basking in his infamy Bert meets his "audience"
The man who showed us the way Helen and a minature Norwegian
Bryan tries to out-do DenHaadDavid in the boil stakes Pished Paul, Will fae Swindon and Bry fae Thurso More like a museum than a bar The decor at Bohemen
More like a museum than a bar More decor More like a museum than a bar A wee bit more
More like a museum than a bar Almost there More like a museum than a bar That should do it
About to perform the Heinlich maneovure Craig and Kellas Taste the glory Kiss it man, kiss it
Spot the headline? Helen and the front page  Roman in the gloamin Craig with an article on the saviour of Stamford Bridge
Stenny take their place with the greats of European football Maurice and the Stenny scarf "If only Ali could see me now!" A late attempt to outdo Witch-shagger General?
Stan? The real Slim Shady (standing up) You better lose yourself... An impostor
Machar and Mirka in Marital bliss Speaking of M and M... Helen and Kellas Kellas, sitting back and thinking of Scotland
And what is it you do for a living again? Machar helps Jon blend in Knees up Mother Brown Singing Phil, singing, and "Baxter" Smith
Smell the freshness Craig, showing he uses Right Guard Donnelly almost forgets he's wearing a kilt! Team photo at So What (a backstreet rockers pub)
Jim and friends Jim slums it with the jakies Jim, being told where it's at Keeping it real


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