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Photo Gallery: Norway (& Denmark), August 2003
Gallery 4

Gallery 1 (Tuesday) - Gallery 2 (Weds & Thurs in Oslo) - Gallery 3 (the Big Boat and Copenhagen on Friday) - Gallery 4 (Sat & Sun in Copenhagen)

scand-245.jpg (144949 bytes) Helen and the Cooligans outside the Drop Inn scand-246.jpg (171742 bytes) The early birds at Brøndby's Satdium


scand-247.jpg (86638 bytes) The colourful Brøndby end scand-248.jpg (126011 bytes) Helen, Tam and Jane in the "lucky corner"
scand-250.jpg (77661 bytes) A sight you would never see in Scotland... scand-251.jpg (109763 bytes) ... the stewards help put up the flags
scand-252.jpg (133017 bytes) Filling up nicely scand-254.jpg (159612 bytes) The Brøndby end nearing kick-off
scand-255.jpg (133612 bytes) The team's lining up scand-258.jpg (182762 bytes) The FCK corner
scand-260.jpg (93293 bytes) Through the barricades scand-261.jpg (158936 bytes) Joy as FCK score the only goal of the game
scand-267.jpg (171036 bytes) The defeated Brøndby fans file out to the tune of "We pay for your methadone"  scand-268.jpg (61344 bytes) Tam and Helen in the Maxicab back to the city
scand-270.jpg (80003 bytes) Tam and Jane in Søhesten scand-271.jpg (89235 bytes) Nick and Todd, in Søhesten again
scand-272.jpg (91565 bytes) Helen and Tania scand-273.jpg (87117 bytes) Michael, with Helen in the Partick Thistle corner
scand-274.jpg (82550 bytes) Todd and Helen scand-275.jpg (71173 bytes) Myland's shirt and a souvenir scarf
scand-276.jpg (84796 bytes) The outside of Søhesten
scand-280.jpg (132581 bytes) The Carlsberg Brewery scand-282.jpg (63501 bytes) A big elephant
scand-283.jpg (112610 bytes) The famous elephant gates scand-287.jpg (88522 bytes) Helen next to a brewery cart
scand-285.jpg (78178 bytes) A big fat clumsy creature... and Paul scand-286.jpg (73936 bytes) Arty architecture shot alert!
scand-288.jpg (138878 bytes) Helen and her new hat scand-289.jpg (126162 bytes) Nyhavn, from the water
scand-291.jpg (160971 bytes) And again scand-294.jpg (121807 bytes) A big boat
scand-296.jpg (128137 bytes) All at sea scand-298.jpg (109385 bytes) Copenhagen from the harbour
scand-299.jpg (92782 bytes) The Royal Yacht scand-304.jpg (90048 bytes) Another waterfront shot
scand-306.jpg (89381 bytes) The King's Brewery scand-314.jpg (43367 bytes) The famous dragon spires
scand-316.jpg (99923 bytes) Pulling back in Nyhavn
scand-318.jpg (142532 bytes) McGinty's Scottish pub (owned by a genuine Scotsman and not overly gimmicky - worth a visit) scand-322.jpg (128382 bytes) Helen in Tivoli Gardens
scand-323.jpg (123900 bytes) The bustling Tivoli street with the bars scand-329.jpg (94733 bytes) Following the yellow brick road...
scand-326.jpg (114759 bytes) The Chinese pavilion at dusk



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