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Photo Gallery: Germany, September 2003
Gallery 1

Gallery 1 (Hamburg, Sun & Mon) - Gallery 2 (Dortmund/Ahlen, Tues & Wed) - Gallery 3 (Munich, Thurs & Fri) - Gallery 4 (Munich, Sat)

Sunday 7th September 2003 - Hamburg

All along the watchtower First sight of Hamburg - the tower at the St Pauli Landing I can see our room from here! Our hotel, as seen from the S-Bahn station
An admiral at the rear Helen and a salty sea dog Helen in Hamburg Helen at the entrance to Grosse Freiheit, the street the Beatles "grew up" in (just off the Reeperbahn)

Monday 8th September 2003 - Hamburg

The Elbe River A big boat, as seen from our hotel window An old brewing tun Helen next to a mash tun (brewing thing)
Ere a coo Coos, loads of coos The Altstadt Hamburg's historic heart
Books The library.  No, really. Endo klinik, anyone? The helpful sign at the end of the Reeprbahn - docks to the left, "Endo Klinik" to the right
The writing's on the wall Now that's what I call graffiti Wouldn't want to be around when they hatch! Alien eggs on the dockside
You dropped one! Big cranes for a big boat Our own boat The inside of our sightseeing vessel
with its own patio The deck Helen Helen on board
The daddies of the hood Blohm & Voss own just about the whole shooting match Some boats The white ship is a famous one, the grey one belongs to the Brazilian navy.  Yes, we were surprised too
A big yellow tent The Lion Kin theatre and some igloos Looks Big Brother-ish to me! 
The wide open space at Millerntor The large open expanse that is the Millerntor St Pauli's ground St Pauli's ground (the Millerntor Stadion) in the background
She Was There Helen?  With a Stadium plan? Surely not? Celtic in the wheelie bin? Graphic evidence of the fans friendship between St Pauli and Celtic
Lots and lots and The pennants hanging in the Millentor clubhouse lots of wee pennants And again, looking the other way
Helen with the badge Helen, on the way out of the clubhouse Dad's Army The wall of fame.
St Pauli's ground Inside the ground itself St Pauli's ground The far corner
St Pauli's ground Behind the goal St Pauli's ground Sums up the club's philosophy (or not, if you talk to Altona 93 fans!)
Paul thinks he's found a big polo mint Paul outside the front door Like a will o' the wisp German toilet humour
Get your police here! The Polizei get into the neon swing of things on the Reeperbahn Do you mind, I'm trying to get some bloody sleep! The Brazilian Navy set sail, brass band in full swing.  It's okay lads - 7am?  I was up already!


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