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Photo Gallery: Germany, September 2003
Gallery 4

Gallery 1 (Hamburg, Sun & Mon) - Gallery 2 (Dortmund/Ahlen, Tues & Wed) - Gallery 3 (Munich, Thurs & Fri) - Gallery 4 (Munich, Sat)

Saturday 13th September 2003 - Hamburg

"Morning" Craig's first pint.  And his second. "Where's the ground?" The approach to the Olympiastadion
The scores on the, er, board? The far end Getting the crowd going They're flagging
Rrraaarrr!!! Look, a big inflatable lion The hardcore 1860 fans The displays on the Nord Kurve
Come in a taxi? The FC Köln fans at the far end The game's down there, love Eyes on the ball
Salty, yet satisfying Not one to wear his heart on his sleeve, Craig prefers to dip his in salt crystals and eat it Have you got the remote? Best seat in the house?
Looks like rain Dark, foreboding skies. The team celebrating at the end Follow the hand...
I was on candid camera ... up to the video wall, which seconds earlier had a picture of a fat blonde guy taking a photo of the team on the running track! Munich's Champs Elysees A mini Arc de Triomph, near the university
Munich at dusk The view in the other direction Are you looking at me? My "serious" girlfriend
Prost! Paul, late on He's filled his lederhosen! A suspicious bulge?
Hey - that's my car! Waiting to pay our bill, whilst the landlady watches a car get towed I want to be... a tree! Helen and her friend, the tree, again


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