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Meet the Netley Boys

From brief profiles and thumbnailed photos of each NATA member (further down this page) to a more in-depth look at what makes these degenerates tick (via the monthly questionnaire), this is the place to answer your questions on who are the Netley Abbey Tartan Army? 

NATA boys on the way to San Marino In a bar in Usti after the Czech U21 game Dancing in Carnabys Underground in the Pub Medyk, Bydgoszcz

The Netley Abbey Tartan Army hardcore:

Other Branches of the Netley Abbey Tartan Army:

Some other usual suspects:

*NEW* - Tartan Army Look-alikes
Photographic evidence of the NATA look-alikes, plus several "guest stars" from the Tartan Army at large.

Questionnaires with a different NATA member each month (for a few months, anyway): 

March 2002: Paul

January 2002: Susan

November 2001: Helen

October 2001: Ally

September 2001: David

August 2001: Chris

July 2001: Rich

The Fat Man (Paul) - email at

Not really that fat, you understand, just a wee bit cuddly-looking when stood next to The Wee Man or Rich, or anyone else for that matter. One of the founder members of NATA, Paul no longer lives in the village, having settled along the coast in Worthing with Helen.

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I'm not fat, just big boned!

The Ladies Man (Rich) - email at

"Because I'm worth it"... Rich in Marseille, June 1998

Rich is currently still re-inventing his image (to make him even more attractive to members of the opposite sex) and has advised that details will follow shortly.  Whenever you're ready, Rich.

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The Wee Man

The Wee Man used to be wee, but then he kept growing when I stopped, and he is a good 3 inches taller than me. Not when he lies on his back mind. The Wee Man lives in Butlocks Heath, once a proudly independent village in it's own right, now absorbed as a suburb of Netley Abbey.

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The Wee Man on the train to Arnhem

The Dizzy Blonde (Helen)

Helen in the bar at Gatwick A veteran of several Scotland trips, Helen is an expert at impersonating Baltic prostitutes. Paul doesn't drive, so he relies on Helen's better nature to drive him from Worthing up and down the country watching football.  

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Wee Fern - email at

Fern, flanked by Paul and Rich Wee Fern is a fellow season ticket holder at a well known South Coast club near Netley Abbey, and she's sat in front of the rest of us for the past couple of years and been forced to listen to our inane, drunken drivel match-after-match.  She had long wanted to go to an international match, and made her debut at the Belgium game in March 2001 - after an overnight coach journey up she was drinking in the Iron Horse at 9.30am with no sleep.  Good Work!

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He was just a saggy old cloth cat, but Emily loved him. 
Paul loves him too, but in a different way.  
Visit him at:

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I love you, bagpuss



Other branches of the Netley Abbey Tartan Army:

The Netley Abbey Tartan Army has expanded, in a 'hands-across-the-ocean' style as far a field as the USA, Inverness and the Southside. Here are the guilty parties:

Washington DC Branch

The American Dude/American Dave - email at

Watching the game, having a Bud!

Why is he called American Dave? Because his name's Dave and he's American. Dave lived next door to me in Brighton for a year, and came on the jolly that was France '98. He also had the misfortune to attend the Hampden leg of the Euro 2000 Play-off and not the glorious second leg, despite the fact he was living in London at the time!

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Inverness Branch - email at

David (The Lost Man) and Allan (The Moomin) first represented the Inverness Branch on international duty when "On The Vino In San Marino" (as declared on the now legendary t-shirt), amongst several other trips. Of late, Brian (The Hit Man) also been back on the scene.  David's interests include transport timetables and sleeping.

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Inverness David (on the right)

Clarkston Branch - email at

Chris helping to foster Slovenian-Scottish relations in Italy After a chance meeting in Molly Malone's (the Prague version, just round the corner from Caffrey's but half the price!), Clarkston Chris (The Blonde Man) became adopted into NATA. Chris and Rich share a similar outlook on fostering international relations, and after the San Marino trip Chris is considering a career in the Slovenian education system.

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Garioch Branch - email at

The newest of the NATA branches - founded in the Pub Medyk in Bydgoszcz a few hours before kick-off.  The Garioch (near Aberdeen, and pronounced Gee-Ree) Branch consists of Ally Macabre (of the Posh Spice song fame) - aka "The Grey Man" and his wife Susan ("The Sick Chick").  Ally was daft enough to ask "where's the much better pub around the corner?" before we set off on a mad tour of subterranean drinking dens in the back streets of the Big Dog.

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Ally & Sue after the Poland match

Some other usual suspects:

The Nottingham Tartan Army

The Notts Scots, in a canoe, in Riga

A rag-tag bunch of drunkards, publicans, hoteliers, truckers and mad scientists, the Notts Scots had the misfortune to ask "Where's Netley Abbey?" on a ferry once. They have a claim to national television recognition after one of their number was spotted swaying drunkenly in a BBC documentary.
Visit their website at

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Campbell on a rare excursion into his wallet, with Scott & Big Numpty

The Milngavie Tartan Army

Teplice, June 1999 - it was a lot colder than it looks! Famous for a big flag that's always getting lost, the Milngavie boys are responsible for 80% of the Mad Dog 20/20 consumption in the Glasgow area. Big Al and Wee Davie are two of the main culprits, as evidenced on the Croatia trip.

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Wee Davie pulls an absolute cracker - hello Martina!

The Sarajevo Tartan Army - check out the website here

Mirza with NOSTA members Arthur and Alan The Sarajevo Tartan Army was formed in 1999 by Mirza, and he has helped countless TA members visiting Eastern Europe by preparing guides to Croatia and Poland.

We were lucky enough to meet him at the Croatia home match, and we presented him with an honorary NATA tshirt.

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Mirza before the Croatia home match, with Ally & Sue Mirza with Wallace's sword
Mirza with his honorary NATA shirt

Welsh Steve - email at

Steve has been on the Prague and Dublin trips, where he has developed a Bond-like reputation for impressing foreign birds with cunning lingual skills (just ask him about the Czech disco).

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Steve, flanked by Rich and Paul on the cocktails in Dublin

Paul's sister, Julie - email at

Julie is a regular home supporter, but between paying the rent and studying at Glasgow Uni, the Dalmuir-based lass can't yet afford the away trips.  Paul's own sister and he doesn't even possess a photograph!  I just hope he can remember what she looks like next time he sees her.

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