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Editorial: Mon 29th December 2003

Well, it's been a busy year, both for NATA in general and for this website. At the start of 2003, this site was still being "broadcast" in pale yellow, and had no Flash content whatsoever (you can still see an abridged version here) - we end the year having launched the first ever online TA "game".

Anyway, enough about us. It's been a transitional year for Scottish football as well, ending with that crushing defeat in Amsterdam - you can now view the NATA photos of the event, and read up on a mini-travel guide.

Our next updated is timed to coincide with the announcement of the 2006 Qualifying fixtures, so tune in again after Sunday 18th January for more fun and frivolity from NATA Online.

Have a great Hogmanay, Paul

NEW: Games on NATA Online

It's been a long time coming, but at last NATA Online can you bring you our very own, original game. Well, more of an excuse to waste five minutes than a game as such... more

NEW: Play-Off Photos

You've read the diary (well, maybe you haven't, but it's here if you are interested), now see the photos - the home leg, and Mon & Tues and Weds photos from Amsterdam.

NEW: Mini-Guide to the Low Countries

And speaking of Amsterdam, there's a new addition to the Mini Travel Guides in the shape of a Low Countries guide. To be honest, I'm more of a Brussels man myself.... more

NEW: Interactive Site Map

I've been a bit busy on the old Flash side - in addition to an expanded menu bar above, I've added an interactive site map as well. It;s not in as much detail the old text site map, but it looks shinier... more

Wednesday 17th December 2003

So, two new away games to look forward to in Wales and Denmark for the new year, plus the Qualifying Fixtures to whet our appetites in mid-January. The life of a TA Travel Agent is never dull!

Anyhow, feast your eyes on the morsels below, and get ready for another big update before Hogmanay, which should include some a Brussels & Amsterdam Travel Guide, the Play-Off photos, and some more flashy animated stuff for the post-ironic modernists amongst you. 'Til then, have a good one, and spread the word about the site.

Merry Christmas, Paul

NEW: Hong Kong Photo Galleries

At long last, and for your viewing pleasure: Gallery 1 (Sat & Mon), Gallery 2 (Tues & Thurs), Gallery 3 (Weds Bus trip and architecture) and Gallery 4 (Drunk people) ... more

NEW: Travel Section Updated

Two away friendly games have now been confirmed by the SFA: Wales on 18th Feb and Denmark on 28th April. Read all about NATA's travel plans... more

NEW: Loony Alba St Andrews Night Photos

A great night was had by all, and far more photos can be found at the AWARD-WINNING Loony Alba site, but here is the NATA take on the carnage that was the Loony Alba 10th Anniversary St Andrews dinner dance... more

UPDATED: WC2006 Preview

Last week's World Cup Qualifier Travel Guide has been moved to it's own page... more

(And don't forget our click-through Interactive Guide to Scotland's group)

Sunday 7th December 2003

So, we now know where we're going on our holidays for the best part of the next 2 years! You can read my first thoughts on the matter in the Travel Section. We've also got something a little bit special to mark the relaunch of NATA TV and the recent Qualifying Draw.

I know I promised all the Hong Kong photos, but events have overtaken me a little! At least there's plenty of other morsels to feast your weary eyes on. And expect some more action in the near future, right up to Hogmanay (when I'm taking a well-earned break in Prague. Well, it has been a couple of weeks...). And for any pedants out there (i.e. most of you!), you'll be pleased to know that the "Away" colours of this website have been updated to reflect our lucky, lucky white shirt.

Cheers, Paul

NEW: WC2006 Preview

Not one, but two perspectives on Scotland's draw for the World Cup Qualifiers:

NEW: Amsterdam Diary

I know we're a bit out of kilter here - Germany photos and no diary, and now a Netherlands Diary with no photos, but hey - learn to live with it... more

NEW: Eastern European Travel Guide

A mini-guide covering brief details of what I can personally recommend in Bosnia Sarajevo), Poland (Gdansk), Hungary (Budapest) and Croatia (Zagreb)... more

UPDATED: Odds & Ends

Tying up a few loose ends, the following sections have also been updated


STOP PRESS: Sunday 23rd November 2003

I know I said I'd be doing an update... but I really can't stir myself to do it yet! As next weekend is the Loony Alba 10th Anniversary St Andrews dinner, it'll be the weekend after at the earliest (just after we find out where we'll be going for our holidays!).



Sunday 2nd November 2003

Two updates in a week... what fresh nonsense is this!? Hot on the heels of last weekend's (well, Monday's) update, we bring yet more tasty morsels of NATA goodness. Photos, travel guides and t-shirt-related tomfoolery - what more could you possibly want?

What's that, Tam? Hong Kong photos, you say? Your wait is nearly over, young padawan. You may have to wait longer for the diary - so just hang on to your chicken for now.

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Part 2 of the Scandinavia Diary

Following fast on the heels of the Oslo Diary last week, you can now read up on our jaunt down to Copenhagen, ahead of our potential friendly trip there in April... more

NEW: Romania Mini-Guide

You can tell all the Scousers you know... that the NATA mini-guide to Bucharest is now online, with our own take on the best sights, and more crucially, pubs, to go to in the Romanian capital... more

NEW: Old Photos

21 new (yet old) photos have been added to the Faroes 1, Iceland 3 and Portugal 1 galleries, however to save you checking them all out - you can just go here. One-stop-shop service from NATA Online - whatever next?

UPDATED: NATA T-Shirt Gallery

It's probably the single biggest avenue of publicity we have, so it's about time we re-vamped the gallery and brought it a wee bit more up to date. You can now view all T-Shirt slogans up to Germany, and gaze in wonder at our three (count 'em...) badges... more


Monday 27th October 2003

A day late, but not too bad seeing as I've come back from Bucharest with bubonic plague, or at least, tuberculosis. Feast your eyes on a banquet of photos - over 40 from the last home match, and eight-score-and-two from our UEFA Cup jaunt to Bucharest with Southampton FC.

Much is still planned for upcoming updates, including the Germany Diary (not to mention the Copenhagen part of the Scandinavian story), and a NATA Mini Guide to Romania, so please do keep 'em peeled.

Finally - Holland, eh? Looking at the full draw, it seems our balls may have been cold in the bag. Never mind, we've beaten them in the past - can McFadden be an Archie Gemmill for a new generation?

Laters, Paul

NEW: NATA on a European Tour!

Seven (yes, SEVEN!) galleries of photos of the Bucharest tour. Either start the tour here, or go to each one individually (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7)

NEW: Lithuania Home Photos

A gallery of TA nonsense at the last home match of the Euro 2004 Qualifying Group is now online here

NEW: Norway Diary

Okay, so it's only Part 1 (Oslo and the Big Boat), but Part Two is on the horizon (before the next full update!).

OTHER UPDATES: Quotes & Travel

Quotes - 8 new quotes - 6 from Bucharest, 1 golden oldie from Croatia and one shocker from Germany.
Travel - Play-off details now up.


Sunday 5th October 2003

After a wee delay, caused in partly by a touch of the flu, and partly by Aftershock abuse, we can now bring things back up to date with this bumper photo update! (My creative juices weren't flowing enough for the diary entries!)

A hectic few weeks awaits, with the Lithuania game next week, followed by 5 days in Romania with Southampton FC, so I don't realistically expect to get any updates on until around late October, when you can expect the Germany epic and some photos of Bucharest.

In the meantime, remember that the Euro2004 Play Off Draw is made on Monday 13th October, at lunchtime in Frankfurt - keep your eyes peeled on UEFA site for details.

Finally, if anyone is knocking around in Glasgow the day after the Lithuania game, Partick Thistle are playing a friendly away to Clydebank to celebrate the opening of Glenhead Park. Kick off is at 2pm, and its only £4 to get in - see the Official Bankies site for details.

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Germany photos

Lots and lots of photos from Paul and Helen's week in Germany, from Hamburg in the north to Munich (1 & 2) in the south, with the wee matter of Dortmund and Ahlen in the middle.

UPDATED: Scandinavia photos

The final two galleries have been added to the Scandinavia photos. Find out what happened on the big boat from Oslo to Copnehagen, and at the Copenhagen derby (Brønby v FCK).

UPDATED: Travel Details

A cut-out guide to the possible play-off permutations is in the Planned Travel section, along with a couple of rumoured away friendlies... more


4 corkers from Germany have been thrown into the mix on the Quotes page. If you know of any more contenders, please let us know... more


STOP PRESS: Tuesday 16th September 2003

Firstly, a massive hello to everyone we met in Hamburg, Dortmund and München last week!

Secondly, apologies for such a short and sweet update (a full one will follow late September and early October), but NATA can exclusively (I can say that, as I just sat and worked it out!) bring you the ins and outs of what can happen in the EURO2004 Play Off situation - check the details for yourself in the Planned Travel section.

Cheers, Paul


Sunday 31st August 2003

Things are pretty hectic here right now, so please excuse the partial update. Just to keep you going, here's half the Scandinavia photos and some cracking quotes.

The Norway Diary will follow shortly (possibly even this week), as will the photos and diary from the Denmark leg of the trip. Also coming soon (though not for a few weeks yet) will be video and audio footage from the Norway ship, including extensive reportage from the "Birthday Party".

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Norway Photos

46 snaps of the "night before" (including Tam Coyle's 40th birthday bash) are on the Gallery 1 page, whilst 40 photos of Matchday and Thursday in Oslo can be found in Gallery 2.

The Oslo diary will follow shortly, as will photos of the Copenhagen leg of the trip.


8 sparkling new quotes, from the risque to the elitist to the surreal, have been added to the top of the Quotes page. 7 of these are from Scandinavia and 1 from the mists of time (well, the train to Teplice at least)... more


Mini-update: Monday 12th August 2003

Just a quick word to say to expect a new update around Sunday 1st September, when we hope to bring you the Norway diary and photos, along with any other morsels we can produce in time.

In the meantime, besides checking what you may have missed on our news page, why not have a look at some of the other Tartan Army pages out there (listed on our Links page)? The Crack of Dawn Tartan Army have just launched their website (be sure to check out the Troops, School Fitba and Uncle Robbo pages). Also well worth a visit are the Tap Shop and Bishopton TA sites, as well as our parent Tartan Army: Loony Alba.

Radio NATA

Heralding the development of the Interactive side of things, NATA Online is pleased to announce the launch of Radio NATA. Unfortunately, this is a service only available to those with a very fast internet connection, however you can still click here and see what you are missing... more.


Sunday 3rd August 2003

A week ahead of the game, we can now bring you a little bit of technological innovation (Radio NATA), a bit of useful travel information (the Baltics Guide), and a bit of useless general stereotyping (but still funny! See Drunks of the World). More of all this below.

We'll now be lying low as we start developing a very top-secret project that will hopefully tickle your fancies. Expect the next update after the Norway game, and until then... keep it country.

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Drunks Of The World

The long-awaited accompaniment to our acclaimed Women of The World Guide, Drunks Of The World is now up and running... more

NEW: Baltics Travel Guide

Continuing our series of mini Travel guides, our combined Baltics Guide is now online... more

Sunday 20th July 2003

Well, I'm certainly putting the summer lull to good use here at NATA HQ! This second update within three weeks see's not only a whole new host of content (below), but a snazzy new colour scheme as well - don't like the home kit? Well, one click of the button above and you're looking at the away colours.

Another big piece of news is that we have now topped 10,000 hits - not bad for a small Tartan Army from the south coast of England! I'm hoping that the new features I have up my sleeve will bring the next 10,000 in much faster!

And speaking of improvements - keep an eye out for even more exciting developments over the coming weeks, including a focus on the interactive side of things, including the very first Tartan Army web radio. Why not sign up for the Newsletter and be among the first to know?

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Home Match information

NATA's very own Hampden Guide - handy for anyone needing travel or practical information for Scotland home matches, and in plenty of time for the Faroes game as well... more

NEW: Glasgow Pub Guide

The perfect accompaniment to the Hampden Guide, NATA's comprehensive Glasgow Pub Guide covers both City Centre and pubs near Hampden, making sure you won't go thirsty! ... More

NEW: Turkey Guide

Continuing the series of destination guides to places I've been on my holidays to, the Turkey Guide, featuring Istanbul and Antalya, is now online.

Just in time for any England fans planning to travel! (Stop sniggering! I'm serious)... more

UPDATED: Web Site Stuff

Okay, I know it's techy stuff, but I know at least some of you care! The Navigation menu at the top of each page has been expanded to give more prominence to the expanding Travel and Interactive sections, but the real big news is our home and away colour scheme - you can read about how it was done here (if you're into that kind of thing!)

Back to top of page

Sunday 29th June 2003

We're is flying now, ohhh yeeaahhh! Big, big things are planned for the summer, starting right now, so you may want to sign-up now for our new Mailing List. There'll be no spam, just information on what's new on NATA Online when it's new on the net.

Feast your eyes on what's new and updated below, and rest assured that the Travel section will continue to grow over the summer. In fact, we'll be re-designing the navigation in time for the next update (mid-July) to give the Travel Section it's rightful place. Expect some exciting news on the Interactive (and NATA TV) front as well.

Until then, enjoy the summer!

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Czech Guide

By popular demand, and especially to help out John, here is the NATA Guide to the Czech Republic. Admittedly it has a distinct Prague bias, but there is a special look at the city's football grounds (and their bars)... more

NOW with pictures (and some have been added to the Germany Guide too!)

NEW: Nigeria Home Game photos

Well, new of sorts! A terminal hard disk error put paid to my first attempts to upload these photos (as well as the Hong Kong ones - coming soon, honest!)

13 photos of the Aberdeen session can be seen here

NEW: Top Travel Fives

In order to give a rundown on his own views on what's what, NATA Web Master Paul Allison lists the good, the bad and the ugly of his travel experiences... more

UPDATED: Other Pages

Website Info

A few more pearls of wisdom have been added to the Wesbite Info page, if anyone's interested!

TA Quotes

One from NATA's LadeeeMeister and three from Maurice the Mad Chemist

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Sunday 15th June 2003

Things are picking up again here at NATA HQ. This bumper update is a mere taster of things to come, as I look to ramp up the travel content on NATA Online. I also have some things up my sleeve concerning NATA TV, which has obviously suffered a delay in launching.

As part of this expansion, I have also invested in an additional domain name for the site -, as I hope this will direct even more traffic our way.

Anyway, in the meantime, have a butchers at the juicy morsels below...


NEW: Germany Home photos

No less than 56 photos of our recent draw at home to Germany on 7th June - a pre-match gallery here, and a gallery of the match and the post match fun here.

UPDATED: You Said What

Three new quotes have been added to the Tartan Army quotes page, including some quintessential fashion advice from the Ladies Man...

NEW: Expanded Travel Tips Section

The Travel Tips Section has been radically overhauled in preparation for further expansion over the summer. Feast you eyes on a vast array of Tartan Army Travel Links, and look forward to the new launch of the NATA Mini Guides, starting with...

NEW: Germany Mini Guide

A bite-size guide to Germany, based on Paul's previous travels. As well as a general section, there are entries on Bremen, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Mainz and Munich.


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Thursday 5th June 2003

A quick update, including the long-awaited captions for the Baltics photos (see Lithuanian Diary below), along with lots of other photo-related goodies (including the English Cup Final).

Expect another update towards the end of June, when Germany home photos should be available with any luck, along with some other treats (whisper it - but Hong Kong may finally get the coverage it deserves!)

All in all, sorry for taking so long, but cheers for sticking with us.

Drink up thy zider, Paul

Lithuanian Diary

It's been a long time coming, but when you see the length of it, you'll understand (oo er!) - weighing it at a hefty 4,600+ words, the Lithuanian dissertation can be read here (it comes in 5 digestible parts for your delight and delectation!)

ALSO: captions have been added to the mountain of photos: here, here, here and here.

Iceland home photos

24 photos of the high-jinks and the low-down of the Iceland home match, back in the days when we used win games.

Relive those happy memories...

FA Cup photos

Not strictly Tartan Army (but I did wear my kilt) - 35 Photos of Southampton FC's big day out in Cardiff, featuring Paul, Helen and sometime NATA associate, Wee Fern. Rich and the Wee Man were there, but missed out on the pre-match fun due to a lazy bus driver!

Turkey report (Extra, Extra!)

A wee bit embarrassing this, but in all the excitement, I kinda forgot... Criminally, the paragraph describing the actual game was omitted from the original diary - you can catch up with it here!

Back to top of page

STOP PRESS 13th May 2003

Sorry, but a combination of circumstances have held up the planned updates. A few busy weekends are ahead of me, so I hope to start bringing it back up to date after the Germany home match. Paul

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Thursday 16th April 2003

The Lithuania photos are up, but unfortunately no captions as yet - these will be a week or two.

And well done to Netley Abbey's neighbouring Premiership Team, Southampton FC, on reaching the FA Cup Final.

Lithuania 1 - Scotland 0

Almost two hundred photos of the trip to Lithuania across 4 galleries: Riga on Sunday and Monday; Vilnius & the U21s game; Kaunas, the game and Vilnius on the Thursday; and finally, the weekend in Riga on the way home. Unfortunately, I have been unable to add caption as yet - these will be online in the next couple of weeks.

The Lithuania diary should be added with the next update (within a fortnight).

You said what?

3 new quotes, fresh from the Baltics, have made it on to the TA Quotes page (at the bottom).


Cheers, Paul

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NATA Online relaunched: 24th March 2003

Well, we've relaunched to keep "up with the Joneses", please take a moment or two to have a look around. You can even read about the rationale behind the update on the new Website Info page.

Turkey B 1 - Scotland B 1

Cold Turkey! Read all about the NATA tour of Istanbul and Antalya... more

There's also a staggering 117 Photos across 4 photo galleries - access them from the Gallery Index

Far East Special

At last! The wait is over - Paul's Korea diary and gallery of almost 60 photographs are now online... more

Hong Kong diary and photos will follow in due course

Women of The World

Paul casts a fully objective eye over the talent around Europe in this "tongue-in-cheek" guide, based purely on rumour and gossip... more. Do you agree with his "expert" opinion?

& lots more

NATA Online also brings you:

The next update should come around mid-April, when we hope to have Lithuania photos, along with a few more refinements to the site. Please let me know what you think (particularly if the new colour scheme is hurting your eyes!). Cheers, Paul

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Sunday 26th January 2003

Bringing it a bit more up-to-date at last, with some all-new material for you to feast yourselves on. I'm afraid the wait for the Far East tour photos and diary accounts continues, but I expect most of you already knew that. In the meantime, check out the following new material:

  • The Mainz diary has now been added to the mammoth 2002 Diary page - less than 1,000 words this time, you'll no doubt be pleased to hear!
  • The Tartan Army Look-alikes feature has spawned yet another sequel (Look-alikes 3), now featuring some faces from our travels as well
    Some new quotes have been added to the You Said What page (thanks to Dianne)
  • Thanks also to Jason from Netley, who has added another famous person to the list of Netley residents in the Netley Guide
  • Finally, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted the omission of a NATA Topical Poll - I've taken the decision to discontinue this given the drop in popularity. You can view the results of the polls conducted during 2002 here.

Due to increasing pressure to give the people what they want, and in the face of some rather flash Tartan Army websites (Tap Shop TA, Bishopton TA, Loony Alba - perhaps I'm a wee bit biased on that one! - and the soon-to-be-relaunched Highland Tartan Army to name but four) upping the ante, I'm taking NATA Online back to the drawing board for a month of two to see if I can't brighten it up a bit. Please email me with any original suggestions or demands you may have for the site.

Cheers, Paul & NATA

Monday 6th January 2003


Not a fully planned update, but after undue pressure from an overweight Glaswegian with a JD habit, here is what's ready of NATA Online for 2003:

  • Tartan Army Lookalikes 2 - The sequel is here, featuring no less than 16 travelling Tartan Army members.
  • If you give a forcibly sober man a shiny new digital camera and 7 days in Iceland, and you get almost 400 photos (of which 100 or so are visible here, here and here). Give the same man a drink and 36 hours in Mainz?  45 of the stoaters (of admittedly more questionable quality) - See the results HERE 
  • NATA travelled in force to the Loony Alba St Andrews Night, and 17 Photos have now been added to the new Miscellaneous 2 Gallery (more photos online at

A full update, including a diary for the Mainz trip, will appear here in the next week or so.

Cheers and Happy New Year, Paul & NATA

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